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bringing communities together for safety & understanding

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Every person deserves to go home safely each night.

Bridging the communication gap between first responders and the vulnerable communities is my mission.

Founder, Kathrine Peereboom

Global Voluntary Disclosure Project

I created GVDP from the belief that no life should be compromised due to lack of accurate information. This global platform gives individuals, carers, first responders and enterprises access to voluntarily shared data to help save lives on a global scale.


GVDP not only provides enhanced freedom for individuals potentially at risk, but allows families and carers the peace of mind provided by a tool with compassion at its heart.


For first responders and enterprises, the GVDP platform is an easily-integrated tool that provides real time information about individuals who may be at risk - allowing them to approach situations with personalised knowledge, reducing the probability of misunderstandings and fatal mistakes.

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Australian First Autism & Law Enforcement Trainer

Spectrum Support was founded in 2017 in honour of my three boys. Over the years we have become a fixture in disability education for law enforcement across Australia.


Our success is underpinned by our team and the community who contribute to this vital training along with police officers who actively participate in making the communities they serve safer for autistic and disabled Australians.


In 2020 our training expanded to allied health workers across Australia. Each organisation we work with is focussed on providing better support to their client base and on being more inclusive to the disability community. I truly believe this is a great step forward.

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Events, TV, Podcasts, Radio...

I am always willing to spread my message through live events, media or interviews. My team and I are happy to dive deeper into how and why we do what we do. With a complex and fast-paced world out there, nothing reaches people more than people. 


Please contact us if you would like to find out more. 

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Therapy & Dance Association Inc.

President, Voluntary 

Therapy & Dance Association is an Australian charity that began in 2015. We aim to bring the joy of dance to additional needs children and young adults.

Our goal is to provide a space where students can be unapologetically themselves in a non-judgemental environment. We hope this enables our students to express themselves through dance, exercise and fun.

Our teaching team comprises of Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Professional Dance Teachers.


Our students perform throughout the year at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, Festivals, State Competitions and of course for family and guests alike at our yearly concert spectacular!


As a NFP, donations make a significant impact on our ability to support the ever growing need in the disability sector. I welcome all conversations if you are able to support our school.

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National Ambassador

Keeley’s Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. 

We don’t want to see another child pushed through the education system without the necessary technology to succeed.

Our education system does not sit equally when it comes to assisting children who may require additional help. Public schools are more often than not faced with a [lack of] funding, and unfortunately, specialist schools and private options are not available to the community as a whole.

Keeley’s Cause was established by Keeley and her mother, Sharon, after seeing firsthand the benefits technology can bring to children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.

Studies have shown that introducing iPads into learning situations has a positive effect on children’s development, from fine motor skills to developing ways to communicate.⁠

As an Ambassador for Keeley's Cause I welcome all conversation to support and further their goals. 

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Festival of Fun

Project Manager - Steering Committee - Voluntary 

The inaugural Festival of FUN is a multi-faceted, family-friendly event that aims to bring people of all abilities together across one day for an inclusive, accessible, social and welcoming experience. The day is open to all, however, is specifically designed and considered for people with a disability, their families, friends, carers and guardians.

It will be a day that encourages people with disabilities, their families, friends, carers, and guardians to explore, try new things, interact with service providers, socialise, have FUN, and enjoy entertainment from some of Queensland and Australia’s most well-known artists and performers.

Our primary audience is the person with a disability, giving them a voice in what can sometimes be a voiceless world. Together, our aim will be to deliver an event that can be shared equally by everyone, and brings everyone together.

We invite you to join us in putting people with a disability first, and create a day that helps each of us understand, appreciate, and be part of creating an inclusive and accessible environment every day for people with a disability.

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"It's both heart-warming and inspiring to hear about companies that have founded from personal stories - especially one so profound like that of Kathrine's. I completely resonate with the company's mission and goals to bring about more education and awareness around training and response understanding and I fully agree that so much more needs to be done in this space. Impressive work Kathrine."
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