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ABC News
Weekend Edition

21st January, 2024

Topics included: School Photos are a Treat For Perverts, Disability Group Homes – Abuse, Sexual Assault and call to close them down.....


ABC News 
Weekend Edition

17th December, 2023

Kathrine discusses NDIS fraud, NSW Police Force axing the mental health program and private schools accessing tax deductible donations for....


Autism Awareness Australia
Autism Safety Series - Part 2

7th October, 2023

#Autismfamilies are constantly navigating places and spaces that are unfamiliar to them, which can create a lot of safety concerns and subsequent...

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Autism Awareness Australia
Autism Safety Series - Part 1

19th August, 2023

Safety is a huge concern for many autism families, particularly when an autistic person is non-verbal or has co-occurring conditions such as an....

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Breakfast News

18th June, 2023

Kathrine joined Fauziah Ibrahim and Kat Robinson to discuss the disability tech inclusivity, NDIS landmark case and first diagnosed autistic passing...


Autism Awareness Australia
AUStism Melbourne Conference

1st April, 2023

On World Autism Awareness Day, Kathrine joined Nine journalist Jo Abi, Nicole Hurley from AAA and Sonny Adorjan from Woodism to share lived....


7 News Feature
QLD Police Award

1st March, 2023

'Working with the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) over the past three years has been an honour." Kathrine said..


Australian Financial Review

3rd October, 2022

An Australian couple have developed tech to allow disabled and vulnerable people to share data with first responders across the United States....

Kathrine Peereboom AFR

Living on the Spectrum: Maintain Mental Wellbeing as a Tired Parent

18th July, 2022

Maintaining your resilience and wellbeing as a tired parent. is no easy task. According to Kathrine Peereboom, one of the biggest challenges for...


The Advocate: Inspirational Mother of Special Needs Children Provides...

12th July, 2022

Kathrine Peereboom is a world-leading disability and vulnerable persons advocate and founder of Spectrum Support.....

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Kidspot: Hollywood Glamorising Autism Puts NDIS Funding AT Risk

1st June, 2022

Speak to any parent who has applied, let alone repeatedly reapplied for NDIS funding for their child – and their hearts will start pounding just...

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Kidspot: World Autism Awareness Day

2nd April, 2022

On World Autism Awareness Day this mum-of-three shares her determination for her children to me so much more than the "butt of people’s jokes...

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Nine Feature:
Mission To Train Police

31st January, 2022

However there is one thing keeps Kathrine Peereboom awake at night – the thought of her boys existing in the world as adults. What will...


7 News Feature: Everybody Deserves To Be Treated With Dignity & Respect

18th January, 2022

“If the government can’t provide support for all Australian’s equally… I believe they need to step down. There are 4.5 million disabled Australians... 

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Autism Awareness Australia
Holiday tips for autistic people

19th December, 2023

Looking forward to a holiday, either as an individual or family can be challenging to organise. By following our strategies, they can be safe and....


Dr Golly & The Experts
Podcast Interview

25th October, 2023

In Ep 27 of Dr Golly & The Experts I talk to @kathrinepeereboom about raising three sons with level 3 Autism. In the early days she found....

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Springfree Trampoline Australia
The Benefits of Trampolining

11th September, 2023

Trampolining is a fan-favourite activity for both #autistic and non-autistic children, but did you know how many health and wellbeing benefits...


Breakfast News

2nd July, 2023

Kathrine joined Fauziah Ibrahim and Kat Robinson to discuss the NDIS, 10 year anniversary, Gladys Berejiklian and Lewis Capaldi....


Breakfast News

15th May, 2023

Kathrine joined Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim to discuss the federal budget and NDIS impacts along with some Mother's Day....

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POP Sugar Feature
6 Things to know about Autism

30th March, 2023

Autism has become an increasingly prevalent topic in recent years, with more people than ever before discussing and raising awareness of the...


Studio 10 Feature
Introducing the GVDP

8th November, 2022

After a frightening situation when their severely autistic son went missing, mother Kathrine Peereboom invented a wearable tech to help ...

Kathrine Peereboom Studio 10.jpg

Australian Ageing Agenda
Innovative Tech Assists Seniors

15th September, 2022

World-first wearables developed by an Australian start-up are being trialled here and the United States to help vulnerable individuals in difficulty....


Kidspot Podcast:
The Juggling Act

17th July, 2022

Our guest today is with us to share her story of raising three severely disabled autistic boys, how she’s managed to protect her relationship with...

The Juggling Act Kathrine Peereboom

Bounty Parents: How I boost My Mental Resilience 

7th June, 2022

“Nothing in life can prepare you for the joy of becoming a parent. My husband and I have three boys aged eight, seven and six. Our boys....


Get It Magazine: Feature
Training Law Enforcement

1st May, 2022

Kathrine Peereboom sits down with Get It Magazine’s Holly Bartter to share her story of family, forward thinking, and the work her charity...


MamaMia Feature: Why Autism Training For Police Is So Crucial

3rd February, 2022

To ensure that no person on the spectrum is ever put in a position where their dignity or safety is compromised by a first responder or...


Women's Health Feature: Aussie Mum Is Training Police

18th January, 2022

If someone asked you, “What is autism?” would you be able to give an accurate description? Most people have heard of autism or are familiar with...

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Microsoft Global: World Mental Health Day

10th October, 2021

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day. An international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social...

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