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Kathrine Peereboom


developing projects that save lives


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Family Woman, Entrepreneur, Advocate & Speaker

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Hi, my name is Kathrine.


I believe that the world can be and should be a better place. Through technology, education and reignited community, I strive every day to make the changes we need.


It’s not just a pipe dream. I’m building real systems to change lives across the world. Each day I draw on my experience in technology, business, and the reality of being mother to three disabled children while daring to imagine the next steps for us all.


The world is a dangerous place – and even more so for those that are a little different. Through my work and personal life, I’ve found that collaboration, education and respectful interactions yield the best outcomes.


In the past decade I have pioneered first responder training to educate on safe interactions with the disabled and vulnerable in Australia. My advocacy for the community has resulted

in media representation for social change and now, in 2024, I have developed a revolutionary software system that will give a voice to those that cannot speak in the most important and vulnerable moments of their lives.


This journey is raw, challenging and the lives my team and I are impacting are real. On this website I hope to share some of my journey with you.



Developing projects that help others is what I do best. 

As a mother to three non-verbal and profoundly disabled boys, I understand the need to be a determined yet compassionate change maker. 

Today, my projects support the unseen and unheard communities worldwide, and my mission is to ensure people everywhere can feel safe and secure when interacting with a first responder.


My work has always been about helping others in need.


I have lobbied the government, told Police Commissioners that they are wrong and gone toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful people in the country to protect one child.


I have supported families in need of safe government housing and built an Australian-first NFP – training first responders on safe engagement with the disability and vulnerable persons community.


Today, I am proud to provide the world with a global technology platform that supports all  vulnerable people in times of need.

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The Global Voluntary Disclosure Project (The GVDP) uses advanced technology and accurate communication sharing to enhance lives worldwide.

The GVDP provides real-time, in the field access to crucial information - ensuring safer, more effective interactions.


Whether you’re an individual, parent, carer, a first responder or an organisation, The GVDP is the key to safer, more informed and positive outcomes for all.


Visit for more detailed information on this world changing technology.

Today, statistics report that 1 in 70 Australians and 1 in 44 Americans are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Spectrum Support was created to provide specialised training for first responders to ensure safer, more educated contacts in the field.


Our widely recognised First Responder Training has been deployed throughout Australia with great success.


Spectrum Support continues to train police officers, first responders and Allied Health workers to this day. More information on our work can be found at

“I believe that voluntary disclosure is a human right. The future demands that all vulnerable citizens be treated equally and with respect. Technology opens a door for a non-verbal communication platform benefiting all citizens.”

Kathrine Peereboom

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